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#MadeByGoogle Giveaway by Andru Edwards

This is Huge!

#MadeByGoogle Giveaway Huge! Only one winner will be selected at random to win the grand prize that consists of a 32GB Google Pixel smartphone, a Google Daydream View VR headset, a Google Wifi 3-Pack, and a Google Home device. This is an international giveaway, but anyone outside of the US will be responsible for duty fees. Finally, you must be 18 or older to enter.

Google Home is a smart assistant that connects to your mobile device. More specifically, it is a voice-activated speaker that is actively listening to your every command. At it’s core, it is somewhat similar to Amazon’s Echo with a few tricks up its sleeve; it will answer your questions, control your smart home devices, set reminders and even cook you a dinner. Although we are not quite sure about the former!

Google DaydreamView is a brand new VR headset that does not disappoint. Google aspires to another level of dimension while delivering an immersive experience and it does this at a convenient price. The potential here is enormous even though VR is just at infancy stage! For a compatible list of Daydream-ready phones click here.

Another interesting product that is often overlooked by many is the Google Wifi. Essentially, It is a set of 3 units that you can plug in different areas of your home for a wall to wall coverage. Only one of these wifi points needs to be connected to your modem, the other 2 will act as wifi signal extenders.

Last but not least, is the recently announced Google Pixel. At first, it looks and feels just like any other Android phone, but after using it for a while it builds a competence of a truly great device – one that features innovation in every realm of technology. There are myriad reviews of the Pixel phone available online, in fact every aforementioned product in this post has been reviewed numerous times by notable bloggers. This is just a mere glimpse of our personal experience with the products.

As always, for more information about this giveaway check out the video at the original source. (The rules of the contest may change without warning)

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