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iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus International Giveaway by Distorak2

Another day, another iPhone 7 giveaway!

Yes, but not quite…. because it’s actually 2 iPhones this time and the best part is you get to choose the colour! The iPhone 7 is an amazing phone to own in 2017! It’s everything what 6S should have been; we’ve got water-resistance, dual speakers, improved camera and a slightly better battery. The flagship is also sporting beefed up specs and same seamless unibody industrial design with numerous other small improvements and refinements.

Distorak 2 has just surpassed 2000 subscribers and it seems that they are willing to give back to their viewers. So if you fancy starting the new year with a brand new shinny iPhone you’ve got to subscribe to both of their channels, leave a comment on the video, spam that “Like” button and perform a myriad of other complicated tasks. Just kidding!

Winners will be announced on 20th February 2017. Good luck!

As always, for more information about this giveaway check out the video at the original source. (The rules of the contest may change without warning)


How to enter the Giveaway Recap:

● Subscribe to Distorak 2 Channel
● Comment on the video
● Subscribe to the main Distorak Channel
● Go on any of the videos and type ‘ #iPhoneGiveaway
● Like the Video!


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