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iPad & MakeUp Spring Giveaway by Shopper Mandy

iPad + MakeUp = Giveaway!

This Spring has promised to be fruitful with Huge Giveaways. Just like this massive one by Shopper Mandy! iPads & MakeUp are like Love – You can never have to much of either! So, make sure to apply Two Entries to this Contest. Because it makes absolute sense to double your chances of becoming the Winner of this enormous Giveaway! And did I mention that the rules are Super Easy? Because, it can’t get any easier than Subscribing to Shopper Mandy’s Youtube Channel & Commenting in the Section below the video, for One Entry. Then, following her on Instagram for Second Entry to this Springy Giveaway.  Given this, i suggest you don’t waste any more time on reading & watch the video to get the whole long list of Prizes.

This is the link for Subscribing to her Channel:

And this is Mandy’s Instagram: @Shoppermandy

As always, for more information about this Giveaway check out the video at the original source. The rules of the contest may change without warning.

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